Since 2003-2004 academic year the Department of “General construction” of the faculty of Physics and Technics of  Karakalpak State University, for the first time in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, began to get bachelor students on “Architecture”. A huge contribution was made by Orinbay Toreniyazov, an honorable architector of Karakalpakstan, and by professor Kengesbay Ibragimovich Baymanov, head of Department at that time, to open this speciality at Karakalpak State University.                  In 2008-2009 academic year the Department of “General construction” was divided to new Departments of “Architecture” and “Construction”. Associate Professor Rustam Eshniyazov worked as a head of “Architecture” department from 2008 to 2015 academic years. Over these years among the members of the Department M.Pirimjarov in 2009 and D.Jumamuratov in 2010 successfully defended their PhD thesis. As part-time professors in this department have worked and currently are working such honorable professors like Professor A.Uralov from SamarkandSAI, Ds. G. Durdibaev from Khoresm Mumin Academy etc. are teaching our students.

From September 2nd of 2014 because of joining “Urban Construction and Management” bachelor speciality to the Department of “Architecture” it was renamed to the Department of “Architecture and City building”.

Currently, the Department is involved in the international project GREB of the European Union “Erasmus+” Fund. Over the past three years members of the Department studied on professional development courses at leading European Universities: R. Eshniyazov and J. Turgaev at the University of L’Acula, Italy, B. Kydyrbaev at the University of Salzburg, Austria, B.Seytekov and A.Turdybaev at University Construction Cluster of Sloveniya, Slovenia.

Associate Professor Rustam Eshniyazov in 2015 conducted master class for teaching staff and students of the University of Uppsala, Sweden. In 2018, associate Professor Rustam Eshniyazov held an open lesson at the University of L’Acula, Italy.

Since June 2019, one of the oldest faculties of our university, the “Technical” faculty has been divided into “Building” and “Architecture” faculties. On June 2, 2019, the Faculty of Architecture was established and an experienced teacher B. Kydyrbaev works as a head of faculty. At present “Architecture” and “Urban Construction and Management” two departments were created at the faculty. Associate Professor Khairulla Islamovich Alyaminov is in charge for the Department of “Architecture”. The department has a bachelor degree in 5340100-Architecture, 5150800-colored drawing, 5151201-Applied crafts, as well as a joint bachelor degree in “Architecture” and a Masters degree in Architecture with the Moscow Institute of Architecture and Construction. The department “Urban Construction and Management” has 5340300-Urban Construction and Management, 5340800-Highway and Aerodrome Education (PhD) led by Ilyasov Allanazar. There are 714 students in the faculty, 25 of them are professors and teachers.